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New to the UK market, Limus® protects urea-based fertilisers, minimising nitrogen losses from volatilisation and ensuring optimal nitrogen is available for your crop.

Why Limus®?

Limus® is the world’s most effective urease inhibitor. Available as both a tank mix additive for urea ammonium nitrate (UAN) and as inhibited urea, Limus® minimises urea volatilisation. Limus® blocks the activity of urease enzymes near the surface of the soil, preventing the conversion of urea into ammonia, and hence significantly reducing nitrogen losses.

Limus® is the only urease inhibitor with two active ingredients (NBPT + NPPT), enabling control of a broader range of urease enzymes. Developed with BASF’s patented polymer technology, Limus® is also the most stable urease inhibitor available, offering a 12-month shelf life and excellent handling.

Limus in action



Vizura® is a nitrogen stabiliser (classed as a nitrification inhibitor) that can be mixed with cattle/pig slurry or Anaerobic Digester Plant digestate; and can reduce the amounts of nitrates getting into water, and nitrous oxide into the atmosphere.

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Limus® Colourless

Limus® Colourless

Limus® Colourless is an innovative urease inhibitor for mixing with urea ammonium nitrate (UAN) in the spray tank during filling.

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