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Why do I need a PGR?

Plant Growth Regulators are an important tool in managing lodging risk.

A lodged crop costs you both lost yield and quality as well as increased costs from added combining and drying expense. PGRs are integral in managing lodging risk.

2018 Perspective; A mild winter to date and current wet and waterlogged soils, has put a high proportion of crops at risk of stem or root lodging this spring and these crops will need careful management to protect both yield and quality. This spring it will be essential to assess the lodging risk of every crop.

  • Evaluate varietal lodging risk
  • Measure canopy size
  • Assess tiller numbers and plants per square metre
  • Manage crop development through N application and PGR use
  • Mitigate lodging risk through N application and PGR use throughout the season

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What is crop lodging?

What is crop lodging?

There are two types of crop lodging in the UK; root lodging and stem lodging, Both can damage the yield and profitability potential of the crop.

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What are the implications of lodging?

What are the implications of lodging?

Apart from a dent in grower or agronomist pride there are serious cost implications that arise from a lodged crop.

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When should I apply a PGR?

When should I apply a PGR?

It’s really important to monitor the crop throughout its development and to re-assess your plan as the season progresses.

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