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T1 - Cereal Disease Control Solution

How to identify leaf 3 or T1

Peel back the leaves, or cut the stem lengthways with a sharp knife to expose the young ear. The basal node is at the bottom, where the lowest leaves are attached. GS 31, termed first node detectable, is when there’s another node present, which is between the ear and the basal node. The distance between the basal node and this new node must be 1cm or more – if it’s less than 1cm, the plant is still at GS 30.

The plant is at GS 31 if an internode of 1cm or more is present, and any internode above is less than 2cm. As soon as that internode stretches beyond 2cm then the plant is at GS 32, when there are two nodes detectable below the ear and above the basal node.

It's important to also check that the leaf emergence correlates with the expected growth stage. Especially in seasons where weather has impacted on the "normal" growth stage of the crop.

Why Adexar® is the best choice for T1

The economics of using Adexar® at T1 make good sense. In low and high disease pressure situations Adexar® + CTL deliver high yields and high margins making it the perfect choice fungicide for T1. If however you’re looking for a lower cost option, Tracker® + CTL is an excellent alternative, lets not forget that Tracker® contains an SDHI and is great for moderate septoria, rusts and it is also the best eyespot product.

Target Septoria, yellow rust and eyespot. Combining the best Septoria SDHI (Xemium®) with the best septoria and rust azole (epoxiconazole) to deliver excellent Septoria, yellow rust & eyespot control.

Best eradicant/curative activity

At T1 you are looking to control Septoria, yellow rust and eyespot. Adexar® combines the best septoria SDHI (Xemium®) with the best all round septoria and rust azole (epoxiconazole) to deliver excellent septoria, yellow rust and eyespot control.

Summary - T1:

  • SDHIs at T1 deliver the best yields at T1.
  • High disease pressure, eradicant activity and long lasting protection – all key reasons to build SDHIs into the programme.
  • Adexar® – best option for T1 – broad spectrum disease control, long lasting protection to see you through to T2 and protection of yield only Adexar® delivers.
  • Tracker® – Still delivering the margin benefits over other options, it’s a great alternative to Adexar® for moderate disease pressure situations. Boscalid's still the number on active on eyespot.

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