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Establishment - Italian rye-grass


Avoid disturbing weed seeds when drilling. Note comments on previous cultivations depths in the cultivation principles section. Employ the following measures to achieve this:

Avoid disturbing re-inverted weed seeds including those of other species when drilling. Employ the following measures to achieve optimum establishment of the following crop:
(i) Control speed of drilling to minimise upward soil movement.
(ii) Ensure the drill tractor wheel/track slip is minimised by setting tyre pressures and ballast levels optimally. This will limit additional unnecessary surface soil movement when drilling and minimise any adverse effects of trafficking on the seedbed.
(iii) Ensure the ploughed surface is level and well consolidated where the following crop is drilled in quick succession.
(iv) Avoid lifting buried weed seeds and residues to the surface by drill tractor eradicators set too deep, or having too great a boiling effect. Drilling into a firmed surface will help this situation.
NOTE: Drill sufficiently high rates of following crops to compete effectively. Following crops should be sufficiently diverse and competitive for best overall control.

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