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Control of Scentless Mayweed

The seeds of mayweed are non-dormant at shedding and germinate in the light. They can perceive light at depths of up to 4mm. The seeds are predated by ground beetles.

In wet conditions shed seed will become dormant and this is increased if seed is placed at depth (>5cm) by cultivations.

Germination occurs at temperatures above 5°C.

Soil Management

Our Expert

Neil Fuller

Our expert on weed control through soil management is Neil Fuller. Soils health is the capacity of soil to function as a living system. Healthy soils maintain a diverse community of soil organisms that help to control plant disease, insect and weed species. Soil health is influenced by the dynamic interactions that occur between the physical, chemical and biological components of the soil. Measuring soil health is therefore crucial in order to keep these interactions in balance.

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