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When can you apply Basagran SG on Leeks?

Northern Ireland

Due to the change in the EU MRL for leeks, which we were aware of, CRD will revoke the EAMU for the use of Basagran® SG on leeks in Northern Ireland.

The new MRL will apply from 25 May 2021 and therefore leeks should not be treated with Basagran® SG on or after this date.


For information, the MRL in GB will not be lowered and leeks in GB can be treated with Basagran® SG after 25 May 2021. CRD have advised us

‘The GB MRL is not being lowered at this time. However, the use on leeks will be considered further as part of the ongoing PPP renewal assessments.’


As part of the process for reducing the application rate of bentazone to a max of 1000 g/ha in IE, PRCD have withdrawn the EAMU for the use of Basagran® SG on leeks.

If you have any queries or require further information, please contact your local BASF agronomy manager. Contact details can be found at

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Basagran® SG

Basagran® SG

A contact herbicide for post-emergence broad-leaved weed control in spring and winter field beans, broad, dwarf French, navy and runner beans, peas, linseed, narcissi and potatoes

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