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Brome Populations

6 Oct 2017

Six top cultivation tips for managing brome populations

  • Don’t plough more than once every three years to allow buried seed to die
  • Make sure to go shallower than the plough with subsequent cultivations unless there are compaction issues – confirm by spade
  • Move as little soil as possible to avoid dispersing seeds at all depths of the profile cultivated by making use of low disturbance legs and reduce the pressure on soil by lengthening the top link to make the weight sit slightly more on the rear of the machine than on the front where too much surface “boil” is seen
  • Dig soil pits to assess the headland and the middle of the filed. Often the centre of the field may need less remedial work than the headlands which have had machinery turning on them
  • If the plough starts to stick, don’t go shallower as it won’t bury properly, and on heavier soils, consider narrowing the furrow width tio improve inversion. Always have a short enough share when running narrower furrows so a “hinge” remains to help burial
  • Keep tyre pressures as low as possible on the tractor carrying or pulling the drill to reduce rutting which will re-expose any seed that has been covered over.

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Technical Services Hotline +44 845 602 2553

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