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John Deere W&T-Series Combines Cleaning Guide

11 Jul 2017

James O’Meara, combine specialist for John Deere has shared the cleaning guide and top tips for cleaning the W&T series combines.

IMPORTANT: Regular and thorough cleaning of machine combined with other routine maintenance procedures listed in the Operator’s Manual greatly reduce the risk of fire, chance of costly downtime, and improve machine performance.

Crop material and other debris can accumulate in various areas. Direction of wind, type of crop, and crop moisture

content can all impact where and how much crop material and debris can accumulate. Be aware of harvest conditions and adjust your cleaning schedule to ensure proper machine function and to reduce the risk of fire. These areas may require more frequent cleaning, even multiple times per day, depending on harvest conditions. Inspect and clean these areas as needed throughout the harvest day.

Other areas not covered in this section may also collect crop debris and MUST be cleaned periodically for machine function and appearance. Use high velocity air (from air compressor or blower) to blow crop debris off the combine when cleaning.

Thoroughly inspect the entire machine on a regular basis throughout the harvest season. Refer to the Machine Cleanout Section of your Operator’s Manual for further information.

Engine Platform

  • Area of rear access platform and cooling
  • Area under engine (2).
  • Area on top of engine, around turbo charger, and alternator(s) (3).
  • Area around hydraulic oil reservoir and exhaust (4).

Wiring Harnesses, Hydraulic Hoses and Fuel Tank

  • Area around fuel tank and support cavities (5).
  • Right Cab Area (6).
  • 3-Speed Transmission or ProDrive Transmission (7).


Always follow all safety procedures posted on the machine and in the Operator’s Manual. Before carrying out any

inspection or cleaning, always shut OFF engine, set parking brake, and remove key.

IMPORTANT: Thoroughly clean the machine from top to bottom with compressed air. First clean all areas

accessible from engine deck.

Start with cleaning cooling package. Restart engine after cleaning cooling package area. Run engine briefly at high

idle to clear dislodged crop debris from cooling package area. Shut OFF engine and remove key. Continue cleaning in

engine compartment. Blow crop debris out towards left side of machine.

Work outwards and counterclockwise to other areas around engine compartment and rear deck. Thoroughly clean around turbocharger and exhaust manifold areas on engine. Thoroughly clean outside area around Exhaust Aftertreatment Enclosure (if equipped.) Once top rear areas around engine compartment, Exhaust Aftertreatment Enclosure, and rear deck are clean proceed to clean remaining areas accessible from ground level.

Shields and Braces

• Left side of feeder house, on reverser gearcase (8).

• Left side of frame, behind tailings elevator (9).

• Area around unloading auger turret (10).

Wiring Harnesses and Hydraulic Hoses

  • Area behind Battery Box (11).

Rear Hood Area

  • Below rear straw walker shaft (12).

 Technical Services Hotline +44 845 602 2553

Technical Services Hotline +44 845 602 2553

Technical Services Hotline

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