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Local knowledge pays to get drilling conditions right

7 Nov 2018

Matthew Keane, is BASF’s local Agronomy Manager for Suffolk and lives on part of his wife’s family farm in Dereham, Norfolk. In his role Matt looks after the county of Suffolk where he has farming contacts from his previous role working as a Development Agronomist for BASF. The role itself is a varied one but revolves around giving farmers and agronomists technical advice and support based on BASF’s wide product portfolio.

During the time that Matt has been an Agronomy Manager he’s been able to offer practical and technical advice based on 15 years’ experience with BASF and his background in agricultural trials to maximise crop potential throughout the season.

The region that Matt covers means that he has exposure to a diverse range of crops and soil types which invariably means he experiences some of the widest drilling (and subsequent work) windows of all. As Matt comments:

“Harvest this year has been different to previous years and the spell of dry hot weather we experienced has brought timings forward and provided the opportunity to clear the fields early. Differences in soil types have led to variations in terms of quality and yield and this was interesting to observe. With harvesting completed ahead of schedule, some were keen to press on with drilling, but my advice was to delay this. Especially in areas where there is high black-grass pressure, delayed drilling combined with the right cultural controls and chemistry can provide a more solid solution to control black-grass populations. I’ve been recommending the use of Crystal due to the robust performance this product delivers. In field trials carried out at a local farm last season, full rate Crystal was applied pre-emergence with varying cultural controls. The results showed excellent levels of control which were superior that results achieved previously.”

There are many variables that can impact upon choosing the right products to employ in the field. Matt’s local knowledge of the area coupled with extensive training in all things agronomy means he is well placed to offer first hand advice on tailoring solutions to suit individual situations.

The BASF technical helpline is also a great source of information which can prove invaluable when making choices where you are trying something new and need a bit more background information.

If you would like to contact Matt, for any queries on BASF products please call 07901 611 115 and Matt will be delighted to help you.

 Technical Services Hotline +44 845 602 2553

Technical Services Hotline +44 845 602 2553

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