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OSR Profitability – Year 2

24 Aug 2017

With the OSR area looking to stabilise this year, or even grow, it’s clear that oilseed rape is still viewed by many as the most viable break crop. In fact, despite the numerous challenges surrounding establishment and the apparent ‘mystery’ of OSR yields, many growers still recognise it as the second most profitable crop in the rotation*. However, most growers will be all too familiar with the fact that OSR can be notoriously difficult to grow effectively.

The Real Results Circle

As Jane Kitchen, BASF Marketing Campaign Manager, Oilseeds points out: “We know that growing oilseed rape can be stressful and most growers, understandably, don’t have the time to sift through the masses of research and insight out there. We want to help try and take away some of the stress by providing timely, straightforward advice and tips throughout the season, to help growers get the most out of their crop.

“At the start of the year, we began working with ADAS and growers to form the Real Results Circle for OSR Profitability, with the objective of giving growers the in-depth, technical advice needed to grow this crop profitably. This season we’re expanding the initiative, by increasing the number of OSR monitoring sites from two to three and providing advice and expertise right through the season, from establishment to harvest. We’ve also increased the number of industry experts and growers we’re working with and will be capturing their insight in our new resource centre. Finally, we’ll be condensing the facts and actions required in our straightforward OSR calendar.“

Site Monitoring

ADAS will be carrying out comprehensive physiology, pest, disease and weed assessments at three sites – Rosemaund, Boxworth and High Mowthorpe. The results, along with their interpretation and required actions, will be sent by email on a regular basis to all those who sign up to the initiative. Those who sign up will also receive bulletins from our long-standing, sclerotinia monitoring project. The aim is to provide timely, in-season reminders of what to look out for and what action is needed to help get the most out of your crop.

Julie Smith, ADAS, Senior Research Scientist said, “We have drilled areas of oilseed rape with popular cultivars in the east, west and north of the country. These monitoring areas will receive commercial inputs and will be assessed fortnightly throughout the season, enabling us to provide live results to the community. In-season reporting will act as a benchmarking tool for crop development and will enable us to give growers an early warning with regards to pest and disease pressure.”

Key topics

Ms Kitchen said: “With scientific support from ADAS we will be covering some of the core topics that we believe will make a significant difference to OSR yield, and restore faith in this great crop.

“The key topics we are going to explore are: establishment, csfb, weed control, the risks of lodging, drought protection, light leaf spot control, sclerotinia, resistance management, canopy management and green leaf area duration.”

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*CPM survey with 229 growers.

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Technical Services Hotline +44 845 602 2553

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