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Pictor Protects Profit

24 Aug 2017

Research has shown that Pictor delivers much more than just disease control, as Steart Farm discovered last year.

In 2016, Steart Farm in Babcary, used a combination of fungicides on their oilseed rape, including both Pictor and Proline. Light leaf spot was the main target, whilst sclerotinia levels were low. Both Pictor and Proline provided good disease control but Pictor treated fields delivered higher yields.

At the time, the farm yields were under pressure due to low light levels over the summer, along with poor rooting after a wet winter reduced yield potential.

Clare Tucker from BASF explains “ADAS research has found that Pictor keeps the leaves greener for longer. It provides an important ‘buffer’ in the system in case light levels are low post flowering, or the crop comes under stress due to poor rooting or low rainfall. In so doing, Pictor helps protect the crop’s yield potential.”

In this farmer’s case Pictor added 0.25 t/ha on average over Proline. Pictor also gave the most consistent yield, illustrating it’s ‘buffer’ effect whilst Proline crops were more variable.

Data below compares the yield results of Pictor and Proline treated fields of the variety Incentive. The average on-farm yield of Incentive was just under 4.1 t/ha, with Pictor treated fields all going above and beyond.

This year all fields are getting Pictor.

Source: Hopkins Developments, Steart Farm, Babcary, Nr Yeovil – 2016 GateKeeper records, Incentive variety

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