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Septoria is main concern for Kent grower

3 May 2018

We had the biggest response to the BASF treatments across the 50 Real Results Circle farms last year, and it was a significant response.

Nevertheless, to implement anything on the back of last year is quite difficult, because it was such an abnormal spring here; unusually dry followed by a ridiculously wet end of spring and summer. I would suggest we need to see a couple more years of results from the Real Results Circle trials.

Having said that, we are planning to use quite a lot of Adexar on our own ground this year, at T1, because of what we saw in the Real Results trial, whereas last year we’d have split it between other products.

We try to keep disease out from the start, so our fungicide programme tends to be front loaded. I’d rather spray protectantly than be in the field attempting to eradicate something that is trying to get going and causing loss of tissue very quickly.

This spring, growing conditions are again challenging, but not because of drought. It was very dry up until Christmas, but then we had an exceptionally wet January to April, with March and April colder than usual too. We are 2-3 weeks behind in terms of crop growth stages.

This year we have KWS Lili in the Real Results Circle trial, a first wheat after winter oilseed rape, which was strip-till drilled on 7 October.

The early part of the winter was quite kind to it. Latterly we had a bit of waterlogging for a couple of weeks which started to affect it a little.

Our T0 went on a bit late because of the weather conditions and so we beefed that up. We used chlorothalonil (CTL) + tebuconazole and growth regulator to get the crop evened up and a combination of foliar applied essential micronutrients.

At the moment the crop is starting to grow away nicely, with between 900-1100 tillers per sq m.

Septoria tritici is our main disease concern. A lot is going to depend on how quickly we can get on with T1. Normally down here, it is about the 10-15 April, whereas this year we are waiting to do T1 at the moment.

I plan to put on 1l/ha of Adexar and 1l of CTL growth regulators plus growth regulator and more micronutrients.

We have had further bad weather this week, so we are looking towards the end of this week, into May. It all depends how warm it gets; how much tissue is going to be left unprotected.

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