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Septoria spray programme will address rust threat

20 Apr 2018

Trevor Needham is farm manager for R.E. Howard & Sons, Little Morton Farm in Nottinghamshire where he is responsible for over 1800 ha, of which this year, 298 ha is winter wheat.

Mr Needham said, “The variety in the Real Results Circle trial field is Costello, which is after potatoes. It was established on the 17th of October, which was dry here, so it went in very well at a seed rate of 200kg/ha. Throughout the early spring, it has been looking well, there is a bit of a tinge on it after the winter rectifiable with some trace elements and a bit of Nitrogen.

At the T1 timing the main threat for Mr Needham’s winter wheat crops is typically septoria tritici. He said, “Septoria tritici is always a worry; rusts I don’t worry about because I have a reasonably strong septoria programme and that inherently controls rust anyway and the rating for yellow rust on the Costello is quite strong. I think it is just a case that you have to watch for rust very early on, if it gets in before you start your programme then you are chasing your tail all the time.

For T0 sprays I tend to spend around £7/ha, just to keep ahead of the disease; it will be a tebuconazole and chlorothalonil (CTL) mix. I’m thinking slightly less expense on a T1 than the T2. At T1 we will tend to spend £33/ha and T2 £36/ha, but these spends might rise, depending on what we might see.

“I am not totally decided on what I will be applying at T1; it may be 1l/ha of Tracker (boscalid and epoxiconazole), 0.25l/ha epoxiconazole and 1.5 l/ha of CTL or we might go down a slightly cheaper route and swap the Tracker with Proline (prothioconazole) but it will pretty much depend on the diseases we see. Our approach at T1 is tailored but it does tend to work around that sort of mix.”

Across the farm each wheat variety is treated differently and mixtures are used at all times as an anti resistance strategy with CTL going into all the mixes. Mr Needham said, “This year I have a reasonable area of Reflection, because we got some free seed, which will be a yellow rust candidate so there will be a totally different programme for that but that is specific for one year.”

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