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The drill is still in the shed at New Farm

10 Oct 2018

A previous reliance on Winter Wheat and several passes with a set of discs to obtain a seed bed, were just two of the reasons the heavy clay land at Harby had become infested with black-grass. We’ve leant our lessons now, and farm with black-grass top of mind in every operation we do.

One of the major changes we made to control black-grass was late drilling. We have one field of red land which will be the first field drilled, we’ll do that one later this week, the rest can wait a little longer.

It is still exceptionally dry here so we’ve not had the flush of black-grass that we would like yet. In an ideal world we like to get two applications of glyphosate on before we start to drill to ensure the pre emergence herbicides do their job as well as they can and we get the best start going into the Autumn.

The black-grass populations have been cut dramatically over the last few years but we never take our eye off the ball. Avadex granules are applied on the back of the drill and that’s followed within 48 hours with full rate Crystal and DFF. However, a robust chemical programme is only a small part of the story. Understanding where weed seeds sit in the soil profile and cultivating appropriately, late drilling, competitive varieties and higher seed rates all play their part to ensure we’re winning the war on black-grass.

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Battling Black-grass

Battling Black-grass

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