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Early herbicides in oilseed rape

16 Aug 2019

The worry over csfb reduces the inclination for early spend on herbicides in oilseed rape despite the benefits that it can bring. These are covered in the next bit but to keep you reading here, BASF are willing to share in the financial risk by offering a risk share programme, whereby BASF will reimburse up to £50/ha if, after using a BASF DMTA-P herbicide, the crop fails. There is no need to sign up beforehand, you just need to register the crop failure by October 31st. Click here for more details.

Clare Tucker, BASF Business Development Manager, explains the benefits of early weed control.

Why consider early herbicides?

  • Removing early weed competition is still the best thing for a crop, protecting yield and allowing quick and even establishment. Patches of weeds quickly result in patchy crops making the timing of inputs throughout the year difficult.
  • A rapidly established crop is also the best defence against CSFB and the crop quickly becomes competitive, helping to suppress later weed germination. Other benefits of good, even establishment include – easier disease control and better tolerance to slugs, pigeons and wet winters.
  • But mindful of the early investment, that’s why BASF are offering the risk share programme.
  • The post-em options Astrokerb and Belkar are useful additions but they don’t offer a wide enough range of weed control to be the full answer and, as such are best used as a tidy up on specific weeds. Astrokerb, is typically applied in November, when spraying conditions can be poor and it has key weed gaps (e.g. shepherd’s purse, cleavers, crane’s-bill and established speedwells and deadnettle). Belkar is another post-em option but its key strength is cranesbill and it needs support on some of the common weeds so a pre-em covers these.
  • Clearfield® offers an alternative growing system – growing a Clearfield® variety and using a Clearfield® herbicide. This controls a wide range of weeds and is applied late enough to ensure good establishment but early enough to remove weeds before they compete strongly with the crop.

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Technical Services Hotline +44 845 602 2553

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