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The Clearfield® production system for OSR is a unique system, offering unique benefits. A combination of vigorous, hybrid varieties and powerful, post-emergence herbicides, which when used together, can revolutionise your approach to OSR management.

Using traditional plant breeding techniques, hybrid varieties have been developed that work directly with our Clearfield® herbicides. So when a Clearfield® herbicide is applied to a Clearfield® variety (indicated by the CL suffix) it delivers powerful, broad-spectrum weed control in the most flexible way.


  • Impressive weed control

Brassicas, volunteer OSR, broadleaf weeds & volunteer cereals

  • Rapid Establishment

- Hybrid vigour, Sulphonylurea (SU) residue tolerance

  • Competitive Yields

- No more yield lag

  • Remove sources of euric acid

Why Clearfield®?

The Clearfield® system is well known for delivering excellent problem weed control, but it is also quickly becoming the system of choice for many growers for a host of other reasons. It is no longer a niche crop, grown only to control difficult cruciferous weeds, but an easier, practical way of growing a reliable, high yielding rape crop.

With over 60,000 hectares of Clearfield® oilseed rape in the ground this year, according to a 400-farmer survey from market research company Kleff mann, and 6% of growers choosing to grow only Clearfield® varieties, it’s continuing to change perceptions across the UK.


"Clearfield has transformed the way we grow OSR, the performance is phenomenal."

Robin Aird, Farm Manager, Charlton Park Estate, Wiltshire

"The results are very, very impressive, we now get 100% corner-to-corner crops."

Toby Hogsbjerg, Farm Manager, Swinbrook Estate, Oxfordshire

Clearfield® goes mainstream

All across the UK, more and more farmers are trusting Clearfield® to deliver reliable, high quality OSR crops. What used to be a niche option is now the mainstream choice - a proven reliable solution.

Rapid establishment

All Clearfield® varieties are tolerant of sulphonylurea (SU) residues which can exist if the soil has not been sufficiently cultivated after SU in a previous crop. This gives Clearfield® varieties the rapid start, strong establishment and early vigour so crucial in the difficult autumn season – where they face flea beetle, slugs and dry seedbeds.

Left: clearfield® variety

Right: Non-clearfield® variety

Widest weed control

The post-emergence, contact and residual activity of clearanda and Clearavo provide the widest available control of any available herbicide in oilseed rape.


  • Charlock - Prevalent soil types: found on well-aerated and well-watered but drained, alkaline-rich soils, which have a high organic matter content.
  • Hedge Mustard - Prevalent soil types: likes dry, loose, nutrient-rich loams and sandy, stony soils.
  • Runch (Wild Radish) - Prevalent soil types: it prefers lime-free but nutrient-rich sandy and loam soils.
  • Shepherd’s Purse - Prevalent soil types: it generally grows in nutrient-rich soils, with pH>5, such as humusrich loams and nitraterich sandy soils.

Volunteer oilseed rape

Why control volunteer OSR?

1. Helps achieve an optimum plant canopy - essential for maximising yields

2. Helps achieve a purer oil sample - especially where HEAR OSR has been grown in the past

Clearfield® also provides excellent control of the following key weeds:

ChickweedRed dead nettleSpeedwellsBromes
CleaversGroundselVolunteer cerealsRye-grass
Crane’s-billMayweedsWild oatsPoppy

Competitive yields

Clearfield® varieties have innovated and improved significantly since they were introduced in 2013, and growers can now confidently look forward to good yields and other agronomic features. This was demonstrated in a 2017 survey, where 80 Clearfield® growers provided yields for DK Imperial CL, Veritas CL or DK Imagis CL. The average yield was 3.9t/ha, which is directly in line with the 2017 UK OSR national average.

Remove sources of euric acid

Clearfield® herbicides help control potential sources of erucic acid such as hard to control brassica weeds and volunteer oilseed rape within the clearfield® crop.

Remove sources of euric acid

Clearfield® herbicides help control potential sources of erucic acid such as hard to control brassica weeds and volunteer oilseed rape within the clearfield® crop.

2018 varieties

Meet the varieties:

For autumn 2018, there will be 14 Clearfield® varieties available from Dekalb, DSV, Pioneer, Limagrain, and Grainseed, providing a range of growth of habits, disease resistance, and for many, yields up there with non-Clearfield varieties.

DekalbDK Imperial CL
DK Impressario CL
DK Impression CL
DSVPheonix CL
Plurax CL
Veritas CL
Click CL (Spring OSR)
GrainseedEs Aquarel CL
Es Decibel CL
LimagrainConrad CL
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OSR Seed

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