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Clearfield® Oilseed Rape

Clearfield oilseed rape is a production system combining high quality hybrid seed with innovative BASF herbicides.

The system is a new way to approach weed control in oilseed rape, allowing true post-emergence broad spectrum activity. With a continuing positive outlook for oilseed rape grain, excellent performance on difficult weeds like charlock will bring new opportunities to grow the crop on the farm.

Using traditional plant breeding, varieties are being produced by a range of seed companies and there will be wide choice available to the grower.

The first Clearfield herbicide, with the brand name Cleranda, is UK approved specifically and only for use on winter oilseed rape hybrids carrying the Clearfield brand. Good stewardship of Clearfield oilseed rape is essential.

Clearfield Brochure

Good Stewardship

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