BASF Compatibility Lists

This list provides details on the compatibility of BASF products when tank-mixed with other BASF or third party products.

For further information please contact the BASF Technical Services Hotline (0845) 602 2553.

Please note this list refers to BASF and third party products registered in the UK. For information on products sold in other European countries please contact BASF for the relevant country, or visit the relevant BASF Crop Protection website using the country links on the right.

Mixing Order

Physical compatibility tests with 1 or 2 partners (eg 2 or 3 way tank mixes) test all permutations of mix order. For 3 partners or more the mix is tested in the order stipulated on the compatibilty list.

General guidance on mixing order, based on best practice & testing experience is given below:

  • Add water (around 1/2 to 3/4 of the intended sprayer volume
  • Start agitator with medium intensity
  • Add water conditioners or anti-foam agents, if required
  • Fertilizer, micronutrients (solid)
  • Solid formulations (WG, WP, SG, SP)
  • Water-based formulations (SC, CS, SL)
  • Solvent-based formulations (SE, EW, EO, EC, DC, OD, ME)
  • Top up water to required volume
  • Additives and adjuvants independent of their formulation type

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The use of the BASF Compatibility list is conditional upon the acceptance of these terms and conditions

Download the Compatibility Lists of our products.

This Compatibility List provides a record of physical and, for some products, biological compatibility tests that have been carried out on plant protection, crop nutrition and other products. Whilst the majority of mixes requested for testing had on-label approvals at the time of testing, we cannot guarantee that every entry on the Compatibility List currently has valid approvals. The occurrence of a particular mix on the list does not, therefore, imply or endorse the legal status of that mix and product labels should always be consulted for each product in the first instance. BASF accept no liability as a result of your possession or use of this information.

Please refer to the full terms and conditions above.