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Adexar® is a highly effective fungicide based on the innovative active ingredient Xemium®. The product provides excellent disease control in numerous crops and contributes decisively to securing yield and quality.


  • +0.21 t/ha on average over Aviator (2014 & 2015, n=26, BASF trials)
  • High yield security through excellent disease control
  • Best Septoria and rust fungicide 6 years running: joint top in barley 2 years running (AHDB trials)
  • Widest effective application window for T1 and T2 – delivers rapid, long lasting protection and curative performance

Why Adexar®?

The best all round cereal fungicide season after season, year after year!

Adexar® is formulated as an emulsifiable concentrate (EC) and continues to deliver the highest profitability in low and high disease situations.

Based on the leading SDHI (Xemium®) and the strongest rust and Septoria azole (epoxiconazole), Adexar® delivers the very best protection for both crop and profitability. Combining the two active ingredients ensures that relevant fungal diseases are controlled in a particularly secure and prolonged way.

Adexar® is distinguished as a combination product through its broad range of effects against the most important pathogens in numerous crops. The combination of Xemium with epoxiconazole – a carboxamide (SDHI) with an azole – has made it possible to formulate a new, high-quality broad-spectrum fungicide.

Adexar® is proven to deliver reliable performance with consistent returns. Following our claim in Spring 2016 that Adexar® could deliver £20 extra margin per hectare over Aviator®235 Xpro, a number of farmers across the UK decided to test it out for themselves. In each case, Adexar® out yielded Aviator®235 Xpro delivering way in excess of £20 extra margin per hectare.

Product Profile

Active ingredient(s)62.5 g/l epoxiconazole + 62.5 g/l fluxapyroxad
FormulationEmulsifiable concentrate (EC)
Pack size10 litres in outers of two
Crop(s)Winter and spring wheat, durum wheat, winter and spring barley, oats, rye and triticale
Disease activitySeptoria tritici, Septoria nodorum, yellow rust, brown rust, powdery mildew, net blotch, Rhynchosporium and eyespot (for full list see label)
Maximum individual dose2.0 litres per hectare
Maximum number of treatmentsTwo per crop
Latest time of applicationWinter and spring wheat, durum wheat, rye and triticale Up to and including flowering (anthesis) just complete (GS 69)
Latest time of applicationWinter and spring barley and oats Up to and including emergence of ear just complete (GS 59)
Latest time of applicationMalting barley Up to boots swollen (GS 45)
Water volume100-300 litres per hectare
Aquatic buffer zoneLERAP B
Processed cropsWhen applied to barley intended for malting, refer to the latest timing restrictions for fluxapyroxad and epoxiconazole given by the British Beer and Pub Association

Xemium® is the first choice at T1 and T2 – covering all the major diseases at each timing

Xemium® combines premium preventable and curative activity for reliable and flexible use, delivering improved disease control, higher yields and improved quality.

Containing Xemium®, Adexar® is the product of choice in high disease pressure situations. Even in low disease seasons, other benefits such as improved water use efficiency can provide an additional 10% or more yield (ADAS, 2011-13). For seven years, Adexar® has provided certainty as the best all-round product for controlling septoria and yellow rust in AHDB trials.

Earn more than an extra £23/ha by using Adexar®

Adexar® is a consistent performer season after season and continues to deliver the highest profitability in low and high disease situations. Based on the leading SDHI (Xemium®) and the strongest rust and Septoria azole (epoxiconazole), Adexar® delivers the very best protection for both crop and profitability. In Spring 2016, Clive Bailye from The Farming Forum (TFF) decided to test the BASF claim that T1 Adexar® and T2 Librax® could deliver £20/ha margin over Aviator. Clive was admittedly sceptical, but BASF was up for the challenge, and so was he. The claim paid off, and not only did he achieve the £20/ha promise, he far surpassed it and the end result was a £57/ha margin over Aviator.

Technical Services Hotline

Technical Services Hotline



If you're planning to grow barley and wheat this spring, Librax® will help them flourish!An addition to the Xemium® armoury, Librax® delivers the power of Xemium® in an optimised formulation making its metconazole partner more readily available than alternative metconazole formulations.

Discover Librax®
Real Results: Wheat Fungicide

Real Results: Wheat Fungicide

Be part of the Real Results Circle to learn more about how Adexar can deliver greater yield for your crops.

Working with our independent industry partners ADAS and AgSpace, we are conducting 50 Real Results trials at farms across the country. Receive best practice advice to help you grow more.

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