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Plant Growth Regulator

A flexible and impressive plant growth regulator for use in winter oilseed rape, in both autumn and spring.

The first oilseed rape product to justify its label approval on the strength of its growth regulation capabilities alone, Caryx® reduces lodging risk, creates a more open canopy and increases rooting at depth, minimising risks and optimising yields.


  • ADAS trials work shows yield increases up to 0.4 t/ha through reduced lodging and increases in seeds/m2
  • Increased rooting at depth can add 0.2 t/ha in a dry summer
  • Two complementary actives ensure the product works effectively in typical, variable spring weather
  • Tested against the GAI tool to ensure a financial return in crops with a GAI over 0.8 measured just before stem extension

Product Profile

Active ingredient(s)30 g/l metconazole and 210 g/l mepiquat-chloride
FormulationWater based
Pack size5 litres in outers of four
CropsWinter oilseed rape
Maximum individual dose1.4 litres per hectare
Maximum number of treatmentsTwo
Latest time of applicationUp to and including crop growth stage 59 (Yellow bud)
Water volume200-400 litres per hectare*
Aquatic buffer zoneLERAP B
Other specific restrictionThis product must not be applied via hand

Why Caryx®?

  • Caryx is the first OSR product to gain registration solely on its PGR strengths
  • Its two active ingredients complement each other when it comes to temperature onset of activity and longevity – makes it reliable in typical spring weather
  • In autumn Caryx should be used on early established crops, regulating top growth to withstand a hard winter and reduce lodging risk. It increases rooting to make the crop more resilient to winter cold and wet and the dreaded pigeon attack. Once spring arrives, crop growth will be more uniform, helping to optimize timing for spring inputs
  • In spring it is economic to treat crops with a GAI>0.8 (or >50% ground cover), measured before the start of stem extension in February. Caryx should be applied to these crops once there is active growth – anytime between stem extension and yellow bud
  • OSR treated with Caryx® in the spring works in three ways to help maximize OSR yields.


  • reduces lodging to protect seed yield and quality.
  • increases light penetration to the lower canopy to increase seed set and maximize seeds/sqm .
  • improves rooting at depth to maintain seed fill in a dry summer.

*Caryx® may be applied at up to 1.4 l/ha in 150 litres water per hectare. Reduce dose if applied in less 150 litres/ha to maintain concentration of spray solution. Efficacy at this reduced volume has not been evaluated.

The cost of lodging

ADAS aerial surveys in 2012 & 2014 found on average 31% of the crop area was lodged at 45 degrees or more. Lodging can have a massive impact on yield potential but is often unseen until harvest.

ADAS carried out a series of artificial lodging trials and found that lodging flat resulted in up to 50% yield losses, whilst surprisingly even leaning resulted in up to 25% yield losses. They concluded that the average cost of lodging was £77 per hectare.

Below: the results of extensive trials work by ADAS looking at the yield benefit of applying Caryx® in both a lodging and non-lodging situation.

The Caryx® Triangle

Even when lodging doesn’t occur, Caryx® still delivers a yield benefit by balancing growth between the main stem and branches, capturing more light and producing more seeds.

  • Height is reduced
  • Main stem is strengthened
  • Longer lower primary branches
  • Increased light to lower canopy
  • Increase in secondary branches
  • Even flowering and ripening

Learn more about the importance of canopy management and how Caryx® helps steer growth to maximise yield.

Technical Services Hotline: 0845 602 2553

Technical Services Hotline: 0845 602 2553

Find out YOUR GAI

Find out YOUR GAI

Our OSR GAI Online tool is a trusted partner when working out your Green Area Index.

If the GAI is >0.8, then it is cost-effective to use Caryx® later in the spring, adding 0.2t/ha and up to 0.4t/ha where lodging occurs.

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What's YOUR cost of lodging?

What's YOUR cost of lodging?

Have a go on our OSR cost of lodging calculator to estimate the impact of lodging in your oilseed rape!

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