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Comet 200


A protectant fungicide with curative properties for use in winter wheat, winter barley, spring wheat, spring barley, oats. A protectant fungicide for use in forage and grain maize. Active ingredient is pyraclostrobin.


  • Yield response even in the absence of disease
  • Delivers additional yield, quality and disease control when used with SDHIs (such as Adexar) and triazoles.
  • Best rust strobilurin with good activity on abiotic spotting, rhyncho, net blotch and Septoria in wheat and barley
  • Improved drought/cold/heat tolerance protects yield in stress situations
  • Reduces plant stress by reducing/reversing ethylene production caused by leaf damage

Product Profile

Active ingredient(s)200 g/l pyraclostrobin
FormulationEmulsifiable concentrate (EC)
Pack size5 litres in outers of four
Maximum individual dose: Winter and spring wheat, winter and spring barley and oats1.25 litres per hectare
Maximum individual dose: Maize (forage and grain)1.0 litre per hectare
Maximum number of treatments: Winter and spring wheat, winter and spring barley and oats2 per crop
Maximum number of treatments: Maize (forage and grain) 1 per crop
CropsWinter wheat, spring wheat, winter barley, spring barley, oats and maize
Disease activity Septoria tritici, Septoria nodorum, yellow rust, brown rust, net blotch, Rhynchosporium and Eyespot (for full list see label)
Latest time of application: Winter and spring wheatBefore grain watery ripe (GS 71)
Latest time of application: Winter and spring barley and oatsUp to and including emergence of ear just complete (GS 59)
Latest time of application: Maize (forage and grain)Up to and including mid flowering (GS 65)
Water volume: Winter and spring wheat, winter and spring barley and oats200 litres per hectare
Water volume: Maize (forage and grain200-400 litres per hectare
Aquatic buffer zoneLERAP B
Other specific restrictionThe maximum concentration must not exceed 1.25 litres of product in 200 litres of water

Why Comet® 200?

Comet® 200 can prevent yield loss by direct control of diseases, for example rusts and net blotch but in addition may bring extra yield even in the absence of disease. Comet® 200 improves nitrogen assimilation by increasing nitrate reductase activity and has been shown to give a more consistent response over varying nitrogen levels (ADAS). Comet® 200 has also been shown to increase light use efficiency - lower light reflection from the crop means more light is used by it for photosynthesis and yield generation (ADAS Boxworth).

In maize, an increase in cob weight of over 30% has been demonstrated and increases in dry matter and feeding units per hectare worth an extra €274/ha (BASF Denmark 2012).

Production efficiency and quality

In silage maize*, Comet® 200 not only increases yield, but also quality and feed intake. As well as an increase in cob weight - over 30% heavier cobs in maize -, a more even cut of better quality has been demonstrated that has led to a more dense clamp and higher intake by cows.

Stress and drought tolerance

Comet® 200 is the only strobilurin to have a label claim for increase in yield in the absence of disease. Comet® 200 is also the best 'stress-busting' strobilurin. It helps keep crops cooler in hot conditions and reduces the levels of stress hormones (ethylene) and damaging free radical molecules in the leaves.

Disease control

Comet® 200 is the only strob to have demonstrated reduction of germ tube growth of strob resistant Septoria, leading to improved control when used early in the programme. It has an alternative mode of action against rust and reduces the selection pressure on triazoles early in the season against Septoria when used in combination with a protectant.

Even in a “low” disease season where no rust is present, Comet® 200 shows a significant increase in Septoria control and an improvement in green leaf area

 Technical Services Hotline +44 845 602 2553

Technical Services Hotline +44 845 602 2553

Technical Services Hotline

Improved Yield

Improved Yield

Comet® 200 delivers more than just disease control. The inclusion of Comet® 200 often leads to increased yield when used at T0-T3.
In fact, Comet® 200 in the only strobilurin with a registered label clain for “yield response in the absence of disease”. Comet® 200 improves crop stress tolerance and water use efficiency making it the ideal building block to the fungicide programme.

Real Results: Wheat Fungicide

Real Results: Wheat Fungicide

Be part of the Real Results Circle to learn more about how Comet® 200 can deliver greater yield for your crops

Working with our independent industry partners ADAS and AgSpace, we are conducting 50 Real Results trials at farms across the country. Receive best practice advice to help you grow more.

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