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Medax Max

Plant Growth Regulator

Effective performance and flexibility you can rely on. Medax® Max provides you with maximum flexibility in growth regulation for all cereals.


  • Fast on-set of activity & long-lasting effect
  • More rooting and more even crops that increase yield potential and in turn profit
  • No other cereal PGR has the combination of a wide window of application, broad crop label and split application use
  • More time to get your PGR applied

Why Medax® Max?

As cereal crops are bred to be higher yielding with bigger, heavier heads, there is increased potential for crop lodging. Combined with unpredictable weather conditions, growers need a plant growth regulator they can rely on, not just to deliver effective results, but with the flexibility to be used across a wide range of crops at different timings and temperatures.

With Medax® Max, you have greater assurance that crops and yields are protected in a range of temperature and weather conditions. The wide range of application temperatures provides maximum flexibility to spray, whenever it suits the farmer, independent from the weather.

Medax® Max provides fast and long lasting effects for optimal height reduction, robust lodging control and root plate development. It gives safe and reliable activity at low temperatures and low UV levels, while no other cereal PGR has the combination of a wide window application, broad label and split application use. For reliable yield potential protection of all cereal crops, choose Medax® Max.

Medax® Max offers reliable protection of the yield potential of all cereal crops. The registration includes wheat (w/s), durum wheat, barley (w/s), triticale (w), rye (w), and oats (w/s). Medax® Max can be used as a chlormequat-free option.

So, whatever cereal crop you grow, in this – or the ¬following season – Medax® Max is the right choice.

Product Profile

Active ingredient(s)50 g/kg prohexadione + 75 g/kg trinexapac ethyl
FormulationWater dispersible granule (WG)
Pack size3 kg in outers of four
Crop(s)Winter wheat, spring wheat, durum wheat, winter barley, spring barley, winter oats, spring oats, winter rye and winter triticale
Maximum individual doseDepends on crop and growth stage – see label
Maximum total doseDepends on crop and growth stage – see label
Latest time of applicationWinter wheat, winter barley, winter rye, winter triticale Up to and including the end of booting (GS 49)
Latest time of applicationSpring wheat, durum wheat, spring barley, winter and spring oats Up to and including flag leaf ligule just visible (GS 39)
Water volume200 litres per hectare
Aquatic buffer zoneNone
Other specific restrictionsA maximum of 0.5 kg/ha can be applied to winter wheat and winter triticale during booting (GS 41 to 49).
A maximum of 0.75 kg/ha can be applied to winter barley and winter rye during booting (GS 41 to 49)

Medax® Max application process

The innovative Medax® Max, a new growth manager that combines the two tried and trusted active ingredients, prohexadione-calcium and trinexapac-ethyl in one new patented formulation. Medax® Max is designed to deliver maximum flexibility for growth management in cereals. Apply your growth regulator when it suits you!

Reducing the risk of Lodging

Medax® Max produces thicker stem walls compared to competitor products, especially in earlier applications. Thicker walls reduce the risk of lodging – a particular problem for high yielding crops. Medax® Max provides wider root spread for better anchorage, giving better water and nutrient supply for stronger, healthier crops, even in drought conditions.

Weather – Wide range of application temperatures

Especially at T0 timing, temperatures can be still cold. Due to its unique combination of the two active ingredients Prohexadione-Calcium and Trinexapac-ethyl, Medax® Max already provides activity at temperatures as low as 5 degrees Celsius. Other products need higher temperatures to activate the active ingredient in their formulations, which means that in poor growing conditions the onset of activity can be delayed by several days, resulting in uneven crops.

Medax® Max also works at the upper end of the temperature range – up to 25 degrees Celsius.

Best application properties - Widest application window

Unlike other PGR’s, Medax® Max has a wide application window from growth stage 29 (end of tillering) to growth stage 49 (first awns visible) on certain crops. This is a real benefit to growers as they only need one PGR to cover early and later application timings, to go along with a herbicide or fungicide spray, so avoiding unnecessary work peaks.

 Technical Services Hotline +44 845 602 2553

Technical Services Hotline +44 845 602 2553

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