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A suspension concentrate for use in winter wheat and winter barley. Best used at pre-emergence or early post-emergence to small actively growing weeds.


  • Fast and reliable weed control.
  • Wide window of application to meet specific grower needs – Pre and post crop emergence.
  • Active ingredient is picolinafen, which has powerful effect on multiple broadleaf weeds.
  • Efficacy at low rates and favorable environmental profile.

Product Profile

Active ingredient(s)7.5 g/l picolinafen and 330 g/l pendimethalin
FormulationSuspension concentrate (SC)
Pack size10 litres in outers of two
Maximum individual dose: Winter wheat, winter barley, rye and triticale 4.0 litres per hectare
Maximum individual dose: Spring wheat and spring barley4.0 litres per hectare pre-emergence of the crop or 2.0 litres per hectare post-emergence of the crop
Maximum number of treatmentsOne per crop
Crop(s)Winter wheat, winter barley
Weed spectrumAnnual meadow grass and key broad-leaved weeds (for full list see label)
Latest time of application: Winter wheat, winter barley, rye and triticaleBefore pseudo-stem erect (before growth stage 30)
Latest time of application: Spring wheat and spring barley Pre-emergence of the crop (4.0 l/ha rate) or Before pseudo-stem erect (before growth stage 30) (2.0 l/ha rate)
Water volume200 litres per hectare
Aquatic buffer zoneLERAP B
Other specific restrictionFor autumn-drilled crops do not apply pre-emergence to crops drilled after 30 November
 Technical Services Hotline +44 845 602 2553

Technical Services Hotline +44 845 602 2553

Technical Services Hotline

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