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Rak 3+4


RAK 3+4 is a pheromone control system for use in apple, pear and cherry orchards.

Active ingredient(s)3.82% E8,E10-dodecadienol, 4.1% Z11-tetradecenylacetate
and 1.9% n-tetradecyl acetate
FormulationVapour releasing product (VP)
Pack size 252 units in outers of eight
Crop(s)Apple, pear and cherry
Pest activity Codling moth (Cydia pomonella) and summer fruit tortrix (Adoxophyes orana).
Maximum individual and total dose500 product units per hectare, with increased density at orchard border (see directions for use).
Latest time of applicationThe latest time of application is when the first generation of adult moths start to fly.
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