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Stroby WG® is a strobilurin (QoI) fungicide with excellent protectant activity for control of leaf and fruit scab in apples leading to an increase in the production of quality fruits. When used for control of apple scab a reduction of apple powdery mildew may also be obtained. Stroby WG also gives protectant activity for control of powdery mildew in strawberries and blackcurrants and mildew and blackspot on roses.

Active ingredient(s)50% w/w kresoxim-methyl
FormulationWater dispersible granule (WG)
Pack size 0.6 kg in outers of ten
Crop(s)Apples, including apples for cider or perry production only, blackcurrant (outdoor), redcurrant (outdoor), strawberry (outdoor and protected) and ornamental plant production (outdoor and protected roses)
Disease activity Apple scab, black spot (roses) and powdery mildew (blackcurrant, redcurrant, strawberry and roses)
Maximum individual doseVaries by crop (see label)
Maximum number of treatmentsVaries by crop (see label)
Latest time of applicationVaries by crop (see label)
Water volumeVaries by crop (see label)
Aquatic buffer zoneNone
 Technical Services Hotline +44 845 602 2553

Technical Services Hotline +44 845 602 2553

Technical Services Hotline

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