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Neutralize Tank Cleaner

Neutralize Tank Cleaner is a new and innovative tank cleaner designed to maintain sprayer hygiene. Neutralize Tank Cleaner utilises 3 modes of action that work synergistically to lock up harmful chemical residues and clean sprayers both internally and externally.


  • No damage to crops following sprayer clean out
  • Breaks down chemical residues, specifically oily residues, allowing them to be removed from tank
  • Can be used for cleaning the sprayer inside and out
  • Ammonia and chlorine free, so there is a reduction in sprayer wear from washing out & less corrosion. No-damage to seals/internal fixtures
  • Broad range of herbicides supported, which gives greater confidence to growers and agronomists
 Technical Services Hotline +44 845 602 2553

Technical Services Hotline +44 845 602 2553

Technical Services Hotline

Why Neutralize Tank Cleaner?

Importance of Tank Cleaning

Failure to clean sprayer and sprayer tanks correctly can result in unwanted issues:

  • Crop injury from spray contamination
  • Yield Loss
  • Residue build-up in sprayer lines
  • Blocked nozzles and filters
  • Damage to sprayer and components

Cleaning with Neutralize - Nozzles

Pre-treatment photos

  • 12 nozzles were taken from the sprayer and placed in 3 separate solutions of Water, a Competitor Product and Neutralize
  • The nozzles were left to soak for 30 minutes in the solution with a slight agitation every 10 minutes

Nozzles left to soak for 30 minutes

  • Left – Water
  • Middle – Solution of Competitor Product
  • Right – Solution of Neutralize Tank Cleaner

  • After soaking, nozzles were brushed with a coarse brush to remove visible residue
  • Neutralize Tank Cleaner treated nozzles visibly cleaner and looked ‘like new’
  • Water & the Competitor Product treated nozzles had residue

Cleaning with Neutralize Tank Cleaner – Filter

  • A filter was taken after spraying pendimethalin and left to soak for 1 hour in a solution of Neutralize Tank Cleaner and water
  • The filter was then removed from the soak and brushed to remove pendimethalin residue

Cleaning with Neutralize Tank Cleaner – External Sprayer Washing

  • Neutralize Tank Cleaner, applied as a solution to sprayer wheels helps to clean staining when used with mechanical action