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If you're planning to grow barley and wheat this spring, Librax® will help them flourish! Librax® delivers the power of Xemium® in an optimised formulation making its metconazole partner more readily available than alternative metconazole formulations.


  • +0.35t/ha on average over Aviator (2014 and 2015 n= 44, independent trials)
  • Widest effective application window at T2
  • Excellent broad-spectrum activity against major diseases in cereal crops
 Technical Services Hotline +44 845 602 2553

Technical Services Hotline +44 845 602 2553

Technical Services Hotline

Why Librax?

Why Librax®?

Librax® is an emulsifiable concentrate containing metconazole and fluxapyroxad. Librax® is a flexible alternative providing broad spectrum disease control for use in winter wheat, spring wheat, durum wheat, winter barley, spring barley, rye and triticale. With average higher yield results recorded over Aviator® 235 Xpro in wheat (n= 44 independent trials 2014/15), Librax® is an alternative azole to prothioconazole.

Librax® is highly active against DON generating Fusarium head blight (same rating as prothioconazole) which makes the product an excellent option for high risk milling wheat varieties. In addition, when problems arise with Septoria, the compatibility of Librax® with chlorothalonil boosts Septoria control and resistance management.

Librax® boasts a wide application window at T2 and maintains green leaf area for longer where applications have been delayed. The optimised fomulation of metconazole enables better spreading and uptake for enhanced metconazole performance. Unique physiological benefits of Xemium® lead the crop to utilize 80t less water per tonne of grain and better able to withstand stress scenarios; straw strengthening benefits improve straw quality.

Product Profile

Active ingredient(s)45 g/l metconazole + 62.5 g/l fluxapyroxad
FormulationEmulsifiable concentrate (EC)
Pack size10 litres in outer of two
Crop(s)Winter wheat, spring wheat, durum wheat, winter barley, spring barley, rye and triticale
Disease activitySeptoria tritici, Yellow rust, Brown rust, Net blotch, Rhynchosporium and Eyespot (for full list of disease activity see label)
Maximum individual dose2.0 litres per hectare
Maximum number of treatmentsTwo per crop
Latest time of application: all crops except malting barleyUp to and including flowering (anthesis) just complete (GS 69)
Water volume100-300 litres per hectare
Aquatic buffer zoneLERAP B
Processed cropsWhen applied to barley intended for malting, refer to the latest timing restrictions for fluxapyroxad given by the British Beer and Pub Association (currently up to GS 45 only, maximum 62.5 g fluxapyroxad per hectare)
Other specific restrictionsTo protect birds, only one application is allowed on cereals before GS 29 (end of tillering)
A minimum interval of 21 days must be observed between applications

Librax® for high performance against all major cereal diseases

Librax® offers broad spectrum disease control and improved reliable for T2 control. Librax® has excellent activity against the major foliar and ear diseases of wheat and barley, including Fusarium. Librax® boosts Septoria control and resistance management and has compatibility with chlorothalonil.