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Soriale is a protectant fungicide for the moderate control of leaf scab and the reductionof fruit scab in apples and pears.


  • Excellent scab efficacy when used with complementary products
  • Direct activity on the early growth stages of pathogens
  • Indirect activity through the induction of natural plant defence mechanisms
  • Specially formulated to give the best levels of control
  • Fully approved plant protection product
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Safety data sheet Soriale MSDS
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 Technical Services Hotline +44 845 602 2553

Technical Services Hotline +44 845 602 2553

Technical Services Hotline

Why Soriale?

Product Profile

Active ingredient(s)755 g/l potassium phosphonates
FormulationSoluble concentrate (SL)
Pack size5 litres in outers of four
CropsApples and pears
Disease activityLeaf and fruit scab
Maximum individual dose1.86 litres per hectare
Maximum number of treatmentsSix per crop
Latest time of applicationUp to and including the beginning of ripening (GS 81)
Water volume150 – 1500 litres per hectare
Aquatic buffer zoneNone
Other specific restrictions:A minimum interval of 35 days must be observed between the last application and harvest