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Stomp Aqua

A herbicide for the control of a range of grass and annual broad-leaved weeds in a wide range of crops.


  • Efficacy against a wide range of annual grass and annual broad-leaved weeds minimising the number of different herbicide products needed
  • Long lasting residual activity means weeds are controlled for longer periods farmer is free to do other jobs and be confident there is still herbicide activity
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 Technical Services Hotline +44 845 602 2553

Technical Services Hotline +44 845 602 2553

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Why Stomp Aqua?

Why Stomp® Aqua?

The only non-staining, low dose pendimethalin for effective weed control.

Stomp® has been a cornerstone of weed control strategies for decades with its broad weed spectrum as well as on-label and off-label crop uses.

Stomp® Aqua replaced Stomp® 400 SC in 2011 delivering the effective broad spectrum weed control you expect but now with significant user benefits making it by far the most efficient and cost effective straight pendimethalin product on the market:

Stomp® Aqua is the best pendimethalin for the job.

The time saved whilst prepping with Stomp Aqua for 100 ha could allow you to spray approximately 17 ha extra, compared to Anthem or 22.5 ha extra compared to Most Micro.*

*Extrapolated from NIAB TAG trials.

Product Profile

Active ingredient(s)455 g/l pendimethalin
FormulationCapsule Suspension (CS)
Pack size10 litres in outers of two
Crop(s)Winter wheat, durum wheat, winter and spring barley, winter rye, winter triticale, forage and grain maize including under plastic, potato, bulb onion, leek, carrot and parsnip, combining pea, sunflower, transplanted brassicas (see label), bush fruit (see label), cane fruit (see label), top fruit (see label), strawberries
Weed spectrumAnnual meadow grass, chickweed, poppy, knotgrass, shepherd’s purse, speedwells (for full spectrum see product label)
Maximum individual doseMaize 3.3 litres per hectare
All other crops 2.9 litres per hectare
Maximum number of treatmentsOne per crop, or one per year depending on crop
Latest time of applicationRefer to product label
Water volume100-200 litres per hectare
Aquatic buffer zoneLERAP B
Processed crops Before using Stomp Aqua on crops to be processed please consult your processor

Stomp Aqua shows increased control compared to Most Micro and Anthem (Winter Wheat)

BASF trials 2014/15 (n=2 WW), untreated black-grass mean 148 pl/m2

pre-ems applied mid Oct – mid-Nov

All treatments followed by the same post-em

Quick cleaning, saves you time

Stomp® Aqua leaves less residue in the container which means it is quicker to rinse clean.

After emptying the containers of product into the induction hopper, Stomp® Aqua leaves only a very thin coating inside the container compared with Anthem and Most Micro.

Stomp® Aqua uses BASF Eco-Pack

Stomp® Aqua is packaged in the BASF Eco-Pack which helps to speed up the rinsing process.

  • Central opening
  • Flexible handle
  • No foil seals
  • Embossed logo
  • Gripping surface
  • Mono-material
  • Lightweight design