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Real Results Roadshow 2020

Featuring Revystar® XE.

Our recent agronomy-focused roadshow joined force with the farming community to deliver local stories and advice to help you grow your crops, improve your soil and debate what the new agricultural policies may mean in practice.

The eight events which ran across the UK from late January until early March 2020, focused on farmer dominated business insights and the launch of our new cereal fungicide Revystar® XE.

Each event was co-hosted by a local farmer who is part of the BASF Real Results Circle and in 2019 trialled Revystar® XE on their own farm, using their own machinery.

Co-hosted by the BASF local Agronomy Manager, all events were joined by soil expert Professor Jenni Dungait and an ADAS cereal disease researcher and information from their presentations can be found below.

We have produced a blog from each event summarising the key messages shared by the farmers, their reflection on the challenging season and plans for spring – you can find a link to each one below.

We would like to thank all our hosts, speakers and the farmers who joined us. We are passionate and dedicated to building our farmer community, delivering technical advice, innovation and networking whilst offering you direct access to our team, so we can ensure we continue to deliver solutions that you want and need.

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Three strong messages came out from the first of eight BASF Real Results’ roadshows – simple, proof-based practices matter, benchmarking and farmer networks are invaluable and biologically active soils underpin the future and profitability of UK agriculture.

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Two south-west farmers speak openly about arable farming at Exeter event. Cornish farmer, Mike Hambly, and Devon farmer, Rob Cotton, outlined their farming approach and 2020 plans following what has been an awful winter of rain. At the event hosted in the Exeter Chiefs’ Rugby Club on 4 February, Mr Hambly, who farms cereals and beef at Westcott Farm Partners, described his current situation.

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Making farming businesses more resilient in the face of increasing political and economic uncertainty was a key theme emerging from the Shropshire BASF Real Results Roadshow. Maintaining profitable crop production by improving technical excellence, notably through improved soil heath, and reducing costs were highlighted by farmers Andrew Williamson and Jake Freestone at the event, held at the Royal Air Force Museum, Cosford.

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Beeswax farming looks to learn from the past to drive their business into the future. A nod to this can be seen reflecting in two parallel rails inlaid into the polished floor of The Hive, a converted farm workshop and Beeswax Farming’s event venue at Nocton Fen, the setting for the BASF Real Results Roadshow featuring Revystar® XE.

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Adapting crop production systems to improve soil and plant health while cutting costs proved a common theme at a recent Real Results Roadshow held in Kent. Two well-known local farmers, Richard Budd and Tom Sewell, outlined how they were managing their business to help make them more sustainable and profitable and able to cope with uncertain times ahead.

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Bury St Edmunds


Frequent evaluation of farm businesses to ensure they remain competitive and viable in the face of challenges such as climate change and regulatory pressures is crucial. Farmers at the Real Results Roadshow in York heard how two local farmers are addressing the issue.

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At the final BASF Real Results Roadshow, in Edinburgh, a room of almost 100 growers heard from Aberdeenshire farmer, Andrew Booth, how a drive to innovate and diversify are what keeps his business moving forward.

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Soil health with Professor Jenni Dungait

Soil health with Professor Jenni Dungait

Climate change is here, and this, coupled with a shift towards new Environmental Land Management schemes by the UK Government, where some farm payments are likely to be determined by soil health, will affect the way growers manage their soils.

Sustainability with Mike Green

Sustainability with Mike Green

With the UK under lockdown and lives up-ended in an instant by the spread of Covid 19 across the globe, farming has continued. In this key industry, growers across all types of agricultural systems; organic, conservation and intensive are working to help to be part of the solution, by supplying food.

Revystar® XE features with experts from the industry

Revystar® XE features with experts from the industry

The launch of Revystar® XE brings to the market the first isopropanol-azole, Revysol®, combined with Xemium®, the best in-class SDHI. The authorisation comes at a critical time given the loss of chlorothalonil and an ever challenging disease control environment.

Real Results Circle trial results 2019

In 2019, we invited 51 farmers to trial the Revylutionary new Cereal Fungicide, Revystar® XE on their own farms. The results are now in. You can see all the results from the trials here and discover how BASF can help you be more certain.

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