BASF Agricultural Solutions UK

Mike Green

BASF, Farmland Sustainability Expert

Mike has over 30 years’ experience working in the agriculture industry and is a clear champion of farmland sustainability. His experience ranges from being an agronomist for ADAS and the national Arable Specialist in Natural England, to his current role as the Environmental Stewardship Manager in BASF UK & Northern Ireland. He works within the UK Agriculture framework of our collective “freedom and licence to operate” and is driven to share his knowledge about farming, government policy and environmental support to help maintain the balance between profitable food production and a healthy farmed environment. BASF has been demonstrating this balance at two UK farms since 2002 and the economic and ecological data gathered sofar supports the demonstration of innovation and success, across the farmed landscape.

Mike’s advice on the BASF Arable Weed Control expert panel centre around three themes of:

  • Growing quality food in sufficient quantities to meet both local and global market needs in balance with healthy farmland
  • Effective resource conservation (improving the health of soils through reconsidered rotations that build infertility, reduce weed burdens and manage water availability)
  • Intelligent and integrated use of new products and systems to improve the efficiency of crop production on farmland and understand how they impact on profitability and sustainability.