BASF Agricultural Solutions UK

Tom Robinson

Application Consultant, Spray Application

With a Citation from the Institution of Agricultural Engineers and an Award for Contribution to the Land Based Sector 2013 from the Institution of Agricultural Engineers, Tom has been an enormous influence on spray operators, the agrochemical industry and on the development of nozzle technology over the last 20 years (or more).

His work over the past 15 years to develop new nozzles has resulted in new application techniques and raised awareness about the importance of matching application technique to product.

His support of research projects (through Syngenta Crop Protection) has resulted in significant improvements in knowledge about a wide range of research areas relating to agricultural engineering, including precision agriculture and pesticide application.

As a specialist in the development of improved application techniques for crop protection products Tom will be providing advice on how to get the best efficacy from chemistry through the correct application techniques.

As part of the arable weed control expert panel he’ll cover pre and post emergence spray application techniques, different weed targets and varying seed bed conditions to ensure the spray coverage is the best it can be.

Advice & Tips from Tom Robinson