BASF Agricultural Solutions UK

Dr. Pete Berry

ADAS, Head of Crop Physiology

Pete is a crop physiologist who has worked at ADAS for 14 years and is based at ADAS High Mowthorpe in North Yorkshire. Prior to working for ADAS, he worked as a post-doctoral researcher and lecturer at Nottingham University, where he also gained his PhD in ‘Predicting Lodging Risk in Wheat’.

The main aim of his work is to improve performance and reduce pollution of cropping systems, through an understanding of crop physiology, plant breeding and agronomy. His goal is to produce sound practical advice for the farming industry, which is based on rigorous and high quality research. He has authored 40 peer reviewed research papers. Important areas of his research include; increasing crop yields sustainably, optimising nitrogen nutrition of crops, exploitation of precision farming technologies, OSR agronomy and lodging control & plant growth regulation.