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Wheat Fungicide Trials: The Results

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The Real Results Circle Trials that have taken place each year since 2017 allow us to have real confidence in our products. Through putting them to the test on real farms, in real conditions, we have generated a wealth of data which shows our market leading chemistry performing year in, year out.

In 2019, we tested our newest fungicide, Revystar® XE against farm standard fungicide treatments. Using the tried and tested, statistically rigorous Agronomics methodology, we were able to show consistent yield benefits from our new chemistry.

How did we analyse the results?

We have logged an immense amount of data from farms, monitoring crops, logging disease pressure and measuring performance through the season. Each crop assessment has been made with the use of Agronomics, a scientifically robust way to compare inputs or approaches on farm. Agronomics project was part funded by UK government through Innovate UK, led by ADAS, involving BASF. Dedicated farmer networks have been developed, as well as a software to handle spatial data from yield mapping combines, and a specific statistical methodology to analyze the data. Trials are used to address all types of farm inputs, including those hard to test in plot trials.

The Agonomics approach ensures unique scientific credibility to the design, management and statistical analysis of field scale trials, giving us complete confidence in the statistical integrity of the results.

Trial Results 2019

In 2019, we were able to trial Revystar® XE against our leading competitors. Here you can see how we conducted the trial using Agronomics, to ensure accurate results. And more importantly, you can see what the results were.

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