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In barley, productivity and quality are king for both grain and straw. If you can deliver it, the rewards are high; but getting there can be demanding. It takes technical know-how and expert crop management. As older crop protection solutions begin to lose effectiveness, innovation is constantly required to control diseases. Barley matters to you, so it matters to us.

Our new fungicide Tevos® combines the market-leading performance of Xemium® and F500® to tackle barley diseases, managing the crop from the stem to the ear.

Tevos® provides exceptional control of the key primary barley diseases, namely Rhynchosporium and Net Blotch, in addition to delivering proven physiological benefits and preserving excellent straw quality.

Barley Solutions

At BASF, innovation is our speciality. Our experts have developed a range of uniquely effective solutions for Barley. Our active ingredients Xemium®, Revysol® and F500® are proven in the field; not just tackling diseases, but managing barley from the base to the head.



Tevos® is a protectant and systemic fungicide for use in winter barley, spring barley, winter oats, spring oats, winter rye, spring rye, winter triticale and spring triticale. When applied for disease control this product may increase green leaf area retention of barley, rye and triticale.

Revystar® XE

Revystar® XE

Revystar® XE is a systemic fungicide with protectant and curative properties for disease control in winter wheat, spring wheat, durum wheat, spelt wheat, winter barley, spring barley, winter oats, spring oats, winter rye, spring rye, winter triticale and spring triticale.

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Our panel of barley experts will be providing advice and tips on how to get the most out of your crop throughout the season, whether as part of our Funginars or our informative blog posts.

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