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5 Tips on how to make your cultural and chemical controls work together with Crystal®

Throughout all of the advice from experts and growers that we have been sharing since May, there is one defining theme; when it comes to black-grass there is no silver bullet. Achieving the magic 97% control rate required to fully master the problem weed needs a comprehensive action plan that includes cultural and chemical controls.

The most common advice that we’ve collected from agronomists, growers and scientific experts is to delay drilling and to consider spring cropping. This is reflected in the latest survey BASF ran with CPM, where growers were asked what they believed the most important cultural control methods were, with 30% stating it was delayed drilling and another 30% stating spring cropping.

This autumn BASF is encouraging Crystal® users to get the best out of the herbicide, by making a plan that includes cultural and chemical controls by following five easy tips:

  • Utilise as many cultural techniques as possible e.g. stale seedbeds, delayed drilling, competitive seed rates and crops, etc.
  • Build a strong herbicide programme based on low resistance risk, soil acting residual chemistry.
  • Pre-emergence applications of Crystal® provide the best start for grassweed control, delivering a robust flufenacet base and the strongest residual partner, pendimethalin.
  • Spray within 48 hours of drilling ideally on to moist, clod-free and consolidated seedbeds. Do not disturb the soil after application.
  • With black-grass infestations spreading and control from post-emergence herbicides reducing as a result of increased resistance, the pre-emergence spray is now an essential part of the herbicide programme.

Crystal® has been found to give the best start to black-grass control, providing the crucial flufenacet active, as well as pendimethalin. In 4 trials from 2017/18 season, Crystal® was giving a 10% uplift in control over Liberator®. Where there is adequate drainage, Crystal® can be applied pre-emergence to crops drilled up until the end of November, making it the perfect partner for delay drilling strategies.

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