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OSR Seasonal Update June

What a difference 300 miles makes! Norfolk grower Mike Wilton, is watching pod development while Tom Hoggan’s crop on the Scottish borders is still hanging onto its flowers.

Tom Hoggan

“We’ve never had OSR still flowering in June, let alone heading towards mid-June. Normally by mid-May most the petals have dropped but this year the late frosts really knocked it back and stunted it’s growth.

“We’re curious what this will mean in terms of yield. At the moment, it looks promising; there are plenty of pod sites and where petals have dropped, it’s podding up nicely.

“It’s 20C today but the breeze is making it a bit cooler. I dare say we could do with a bit of rain but I should be careful what I wish for! We certainly don’t want any thunderstorms in July because the crop is quite tall. At the time, we choose not to apply any PGRs – the crop was under quite a lot of stress already and was quite short – but since the last nitrogen application, the warmer weather has meant the crop’s shot up and back at a ‘normal’ height now.”

“Our only other concern, is whether the harvest of the rape is going to clash with the wheat.”