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OSR Seasonal Update May

Another month has flown by and while temperatures are unseasonally low both Tom Hoggan’s and Steve Crayston’s OSR crops are flowering. We catch up with them both to find out what they’ve been up to.

Tom Hoggan, Scottish Borders

Steve Crayston, Essex

“We’ve a mixed bag with some OSR looking very good, some good and others looking very mediocre.

“We’ve not had any rain in April, which is unheard of, so it’s very dry and unseasonably cold. In full sun at midday we’re still only hitting 10C and the wind is cold.

“As a result some of the crop is a little behind. This week, some of the acreage has had its mid-flower spray for sclerotinia, the more backward crop won’t be ready until early May.

“While I’m sure there is some damage from cabbage stem flea beetle larvae, it’s not obvious. And knowing that the crop is getting a fungicide at mid-flowering, we’ve not actively checked for light leaf spot.

“The full nutrient programme has been applied now and we’re looking forward to seeing the results of an on-farm trial looking at PolyN Plus. As a business, we don’t like to stand still, and having heard of some promising results, we’ve decided to try across 40 acres.”