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When it comes to managing black-grass, resistance to herbicides isn’t just a fly in the ointment, it’s the barrier stopping UK growers regaining complete control over their fields.

Cultural control and integrated weed management are now essential, regardless of the efficacy of the herbicide. However, new modes of action coming to the UK are essential to managing black-grass resistance. At BASF, we’re investing millions of pounds to give UK growers a clean slate, and whilst there is no such thing as a silver bullet, brand new modes of action in partnership with what we’ve learnt about cultural control give us all a fighting chance of finally being able to regain control over problem weeds.

R&D is at the heart of what BASF does, globally we will be bringing new actives to light over the next few years.

BASF has started the global registration initiatives for two new herbicide active ingredients. The company submitted the regulatory dossier for Luximo™ herbicide in the European Union (EU) and in Australia and for Tirexor™ herbicide in Australia as well. These steps are important milestones in expanding BASF’s global herbicide portfolio. The two compounds have demonstrated excellent performance against a broad range of difficult-to-control grasses and broadleaf weeds and are expected to help growers worldwide successfully safeguard their crops while managing the ongoing challenge of herbicide resistance.

“BASF has a long history for more than seven decades of successful herbicide research and development. Luximo and Tirexor are the latest solutions, and outstanding examples, of our commitment to develop new active ingredients to keep crops healthy and maximise yields,” said Markus Heldt, President of the BASF Crop Protection division. “The constant and close exchange with our customers has helped us to find the right, effective solutions answering growers’ challenges: support for resistance management, environmental-friendly approaches and fast-acting solutions.”

Luximo™ is the breakthrough herbicide at the heart of complete grass weed management programs. The active ingredient provides pre-emergence, residual control against a broad range of grasses, including difficult-to-control blackgrass and ryegrass in winter cereals. The molecule boasts a novel mode of action that controls grasses that have developed resistance. With no known cross-resistance, Luximo™ strengthens existing integrated weed management systems for sustainable resistance management.

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Battling Black-grass

Battling Black-grass

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