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Risk management in cereals

Steve Dennis, Head of Business Development - BASF

Using Revystar® XE and Medax® Max is so much more than an insurance policy, these quality products are a real investment in your crop.

Speaking at BASF’s Press Briefing on Fungicides and PGRs, Steve Dennis said: “Revystar® XE and Medax® Max are risk mitigation tools but they are so much more than that, they are also yield building tools which can push the yield beyond what can be achieved just by removing disease and removing lodging.

Disease and lodging are the real cost to the farm, they’re the things that can really rob profit, not the cost of the crop protection product. Growers need to decide if they are growing in a risk mitigation sense or if they are growing in an investment sense.

Disease and lodging are two of the largest risks to your crops
Disease and lodging are two of the largest risks to your crops

Based on trials of Revystar® XE in the low disease years of 2018 and 2019 the financial risk of using a dose that is too low is 4 times greater than the penalty for using a dose that is too high. That’s why we believe that for risk management keep the doses up- if you take a higher risk approach and the dose goes too low then the penalty can be significant.

Lodging occurs widely every 3-4 years bringing costs associated with combining, drying, yield and quality loss. If you are not using quality plant growth regulators (PGRs) like Medax® Max, then clearly you are taking a risk.

Quality products like Revystar® XE and Medax® Max are real investments rather than just an insurance policy.”

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Turning Risk into Reward

In a recent webinar our expert panel discussed the many risks that farmers are facing at the moment and how to get a better understanding of agronomic risks to reap the rewards.

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