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Top 5 Tips on how to keep combines clean, and reduce the spread of black-grass

The multiplication of black-grass seed is startling. A few tiny seeds accidentally strewn at harvest can create a significant increase in infestation next season. Harvest time is busy, there’s no way around that, which makes it easy to take the eye off the black-grass ball. Our black-grass expert growers all have one thing in common, they are vigilant, with an eye for detail and a disciplined approach that attempts to avoid errors at all costs.

One of the most common ways black-grass seed is accidentally spread is through a lack of combine hygiene. This can be incredibly frustrating, particularly if it’s been brought in from another farm through contract machinery. It’s important that you’re not shy in asking contractors to ensure they’ve cleaned their kit thoroughly before they get onto your farm, especially if you are in ‘black-grass country’.

It’s a busy time of year, so we’ve condensed our top tips into five easy steps to keep your combine clean, and the black-grass seed out of your fields.

Top 5 Combine Cleaning Tips:

  • Remove large build-ups of debris by hand
  • Open all panels on the machine
  • Use a leaf blower to remove finer debris and get to places where the hand can’t reach
  • Check around the wheel axles for seed and chaff build-up
  • Open the stone trap and clean inside and don’t forget the header

For information on ‘stopping the spread’ or to hear from other growers about what they plan to do after harvest to control black-grass, browse our ‘Ten Stop’ guide here.

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