Digital Farming

Digitalization can make agriculture more resource-efficient, inclusive and sustainable. Therefore, BASF will help farmers with digital tools to grow their businesses profitably, while reducing their environmental footprint. Using digital technologies allows farmers to produce more with less, to make farming processes more efficient from field monitoring to the food supply chain. BASF’s xarvio™ digital products enable more precise application of crop protection products, nutrient management, automated buffer zones and monitoring of biodiversity. Digital tools also have the capacity to reach vast numbers of farmers, including those in less developed countries, thereby increasing knowledge and raising awareness of on-farm sustainability.

Digital Farming in the UK

BASF provides a range of digital tools to help farmers maintain high yields, whilst reducing their impact on the environment. Click below to read more.

BASF Digital Farming GmbH has joined forces with the UK Centre for Ecology & Hydrology (UKCEH) to integrate their detailed environmental data in the ASSIST E-Planner tool, with the comprehensive online crop optimisation solution, xarvio™ FIELD MANAGER.

xarvio™ develops digital solutions for crop optimization and the digitalization of agriculture. Providing better oversight, less risk and more reliability for planning and decision-making, whilst making a contribution to sustainable agriculture.

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