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Farming, the Biggest Job on Earth podcast shares experiences from the people that grow our food and care for our environment. In each episode, we talk to farmers about what they do, why they do it, and why despite the ever-changing challenges they face they get up every morning to do their job.

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Episode 6: Careers in Food & Farming

Choosing a career path is a daunting experience that can be undertaken at any age. The agricultural sector offers opportunities for almost any skills but knowing what’s out there isn’t always obvious! In this episode of ‘Farming, the Biggest Job on Earth’ we explore careers in food, farming and the environment.


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This episode’s conversations were recorded at a dinner bringing together people from across the food industry to celebrate the role of farming over a shared love of food and to discuss the challenges the industry faces. The evening was held at FarmED in the Cotswolds, a demonstration farm owned by Ian and Celene Wilkinson. Dinner guests included farmers alongside chef Ben Ebbrell, of Sorted Food fame…

This episode shines a light on the role individuals, charities, and community groups play in making meals available for the 14 million people in the UK – 4 million of them children - who are struggling to eat. We spoke to farmers Andrew Stirling and Sally Mercer whose families supply charities and community organisations with surplus food and Ali Gourley from FareShare’s Public Affairs and Policy team to hear more about their campaign to source unharvested produce direct from farmers’ fields.

This time of year, people come together with friends, family and sometimes strangers to celebrate the festive period. Food plays an essential role in all our celebrations and the festive plate is the outcome of hard work and dedication from our farmers. We caught up with 3 farming families who supply our food and Agricultural Economist and refugee from Ukraine who tells us about the special food…

In our first episode, we talk about all things bread. Where it comes from, how it’s made and our favourite types. We hear from Lincolnshire farmer Andrew Ward, who gives a frank picture of farming, and the role farmers play as stewards of the environment. Angus McDowell shares his experiences as a farmer, maltster, and miller from East Lothian and finally, we hear from Pete…

Farming, The Biggest Job on Earth

Farming is fundamental to the world’s wellbeing and there has never been a more challenging time for farming, farmers and the industry. Tightening regulations, rising costs. Feeding an ever-growing population, rising expectations from people and society. Looking after nature and balancing land use. Thinking about what needs to be done to make a positive impact on UK food production and ensure food security.

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