Farming, the Biggest Job on Earth

Farming is fundamental to the world’s wellbeing and there has never been a more challenging time for farming, farmers and the industry with tightening regulations, rising costs, feeding an ever-growing population, looking after nature, and balancing land use.

That’s why we believe farming is the biggest job on earth. And although the industry faces these hurdles, we know that with challenges comes great opportunities. As it gets more complex, we stand committed to finding the right balance so that farmers, our industry and future generations can all flourish.

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Keep up to date with our UK Follow a Farmer series and see what it takes to grow our favourite foods.

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As part of Farming, the Biggest Job on Earth, we regularly engage in community events and industry initiatives.

Explore educational and enganging material to foster a deeper understanding of farming and it's impact on our world.

Sharing experiences from the people that grow our food & care for our environment.

BJOE Podcast Latest Episode

Episode 6: Careers in Food & Farming

Choosing a career path is a daunting experience that can be undertaken at any age. The agricultural sector offers opportunities for almost any skills but knowing what’s out there isn’t always obvious! In this episode of ‘Farming, the Biggest Job on Earth’ we explore careers in food, farming and the environment.

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Why Farming Matters Schools Resource

In collaboration with LEAF Education we’ve relaunched ‘Why Farming Matters’ for primary school teachers to support young people in their learning and understanding in literacy, maths, debate and critical thinking all through the medium of farming, food production and the natural environment. The resource covers areas including the importance of soil, energy production, food provenance, water use and biodiversity on farm. The free resource is available online or you can order a physical copy.

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How do our team make a positive impact on the biggest job on earth?

Neil Kay

Neil Kay

Vice President APE/W

"Food security, production and supply chains are facing more challenges than ever before opening up the potential to leave many countries vulnerable."

Aliona Jones

Aliona Jones

Agronomy Manager

"Always there to support growers, advisors and new entrants in the sector with timely advice, going the extra mile & supporting ladies in the sector."

Colin Mountford-Smith

Colin Mountford-Smith

Agronomy Manager

"Working closely with UK growers and supporting the industry via events such as Open Farm Sunday, BJOE and the Real Road Trip."

Steve Dennis

Steve Dennis

Head of Business Development

"Maximise the positive impact for those using our products. Giving efficient and researched advice and recommendations."

Angus Murray

Angus Murray

Business Development Adviser

"I make a positive impact on UK agriculture by taking the lead on BASF’s technical hotline, supporting farmers, growers and their agronomists."

Paul Goddard

Paul Goddard

Business Development Manager

"Through influence we can reduce waste, so maximising carbon efficiency in the production of our food so minimising the impact on the environment."

Alice Johnston

Alice Johnston

Agricultural Sustainability Manager

"Trial innovation and share knowledge, so everyone can enjoy a sustainable farming system."