Perfecting Potatoes Together

Potatoes fuel the nation.

We believe that this essential, versatile crop deserves our investment; in terms of time, expertise, knowledge, and protection. Our exciting initiative serves as a platform for everyone in the potato growing industry to come together to share combined experience, know-how and passion for developing and perfecting healthy potato crops.

Our collaborative and holistic approach provides solutions that combine culture and chemistry to help UK growers unlock the potential - and the profits - in their potato crops.

Let's unite in Perfecting Potatoes Together.

Perfecting Potatoes Together Podcast

Bringing together the potato growing industry to share combined experience, know-how and passion for developing and perfecting healthy potato crops.

Andrew Stirling and his family farm in Angus, Scotland and have done ever since Andrew was a young boy. Potatoes have become part of their heritage, and a core part of their farming business – growing, packing, peeling and retail.

Luke Pollard, BASF Campaign Manager for Speciality crops, shares an insight into exciting events hosted over the summer, BASF's new liquid tuber treatment Honesty®, the British Potato Awards, and, what he gets up to away from work.

We chat to Ed Hodson, Product Specialist for potatoes with GRIMME UK. A family-owned business now operating in 120 countries to manufacture machinery for the vegetable sector.

Matthew and his brother Lloyd won the Rawcliffe Bridge Award for Sustainability in 2023. He discusses their business, the farm’s wide 12-crop rotation, including wheat, barley, sugar, beet, beans, sunflowers, linseed, and millet. And of course, potatoes.

How do you plant potatoes in a field that is so steep you can’t use a tractor? And what does hemp and tea have to do with potatoes? This month we sat down with Mike Renouard, Business Unit Director from the Jersey Royal Company to find out how they are growing potatoes, investing in their environment and supporting the local community. We packed a lot into this short 20-minute podcast.

Paul Goddard, Business Development Manager at BASF, Lucinda Smith, Agronomist at Dyson Farming and Simon Faulkner, an Independent Agronomist from Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, and Norfolk talk about the value of potatoes, managing pests, Nemaslug® and trials on farm.

We chat with Aberdeenshire seed potato grower, Jim Reid, and BASF’s Agricultural Sustainability Manager, Mike Green to look at how and what can be done on-farm to support the future of potato production, whilst also protecting our land and the environment.

In our first podcast of 2022, Seed and Tuber expert David Turner and Justin Wilderspin, Head of Farming and Procurement at Albert Bartlett join Paul Goddard, Business Development Manager at BASF to reflect on some of the challenges facing the potato sector last season and plans for the year ahead.

Virtual Potato Tour

Our virtual potato tour is now live. Enter into an immersive 360° experience, discover Honesty® liquid tuber treatment at the roller table, and Privest late blight fungicide in the field trials. Optimised for web or mobile use.

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