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Meet our Agronomy Managers: Aliona Jones, Team East Midlands

Last year, we met up with Aliona Jones, our Agronomy Manager covering the East Midlands who has worked with BASF for just over 2 months.

Her professional journey started in academia and research in the early 2000’s & during this period she focused on exploring key diseases in apple, pear and quince, work that included epidemiological studies, varieties screening and some aspects of mathematical modelling. At the same time she was employed as a lecturer at the department of Microbiology and Phytopathology at one of the leading agricultural universities in Romania. The research was followed by 5 years in the agricultural distribution sector in Moldova, a business specialised in plant protection products, seeds, fertilisers and irrigation systems.

After that, she worked for 4 years in the food sector as a technical specialist for a business based in Yorkshire which specialises in vegetable oils for human consumption, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. BASIS Registration was her next role and she had the opportunity to work with industry stakeholders and get to know key players in the industry. Whilst there, she was also involved in some significant projects including creation of several new training courses, including Quality of Soil and online training for storekeepers as well as delivering training to over 400 people around the country.

Aliona took up the role at BASF in July 2009 in order to focus more on latest developments in plant protection and plant nutrition sectors and how to translate those messages into practical agronomy.

Watch the full interview below:

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Agronomy Managers

Agronomy Managers

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