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Meet our Agronomy Managers: Andrew Smooker, Team East and Central

Recently, we caught up with Andrew Smooker who is our Agronomy Manager for Cambridgeshire.

As a valued member of Team East and Central, Andrew looks after all crop areas.

Coming from a Biological Sciences background, Andrew specialised in crop genetics and improvement at John Innes Centre, before joining the industry in 2011 in Seeds & Traits. In 2014 he joined BASF as a Technical Services Adviser including Biological Assessment Dossier authorship before taking on his current role as an Agronomy Manager.

According to Andrew, the most enjoyable aspect of his role is how diverse it is and no two years or even two days are the same. As a result, Andrew is involved in a wide range of activities and meets many different customers. Andrew believes that Agriculture is an important and fascinating industry with many challenges to meet going forwards.

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Watch the full interview here:

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