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Meet our Agronomy Managers: Scott Milne, Team Scotland

We recently caught up with Scott Milne who is our Agronomy Manager covering the north of Scotland from Edinburgh upwards.

Scott is involved in all crops from combineable to Fruit and Vegetables. He also works closely with seed and seed treatments.

He didn’t come from a farming background as he was born and bred in Aberdeen, but in 1979, Scott joined an agricultural company as a Professional Business Trainee (August 19th 1979 to be precise). Here, he was involved in helicopter-spraying fungicides and was able to complete various courses including BASIS, which furthered his interest in chemicals and allowed Scott to enter the Ag Chem industry.

Scott has also worked for various distributors, mainly as an Agro-Chemical Manager which involved buying chemicals and seed treatments. He also worked in a technical role for our agronomists and is a certified Seed Inspector who looked after 3 mobile Seed Dressers. He joined Bayer Crop Science in 2005 as a Commercial Technical Manager and then became a KAM (Key Account Manager). Scott joined BASF in 2016 as an Agronomy Manager and has been with us ever since.

According to Scott, the thing that he enjoys the most is the contact with our customers, whether they be Agronomists or Growers. He also mentioned his colleagues and the great team ethic that we have within BASF (we didn't ask him to say that either!). Scott also said that he enjoys doing something different all the time whether it's briefings, trials visits, face-to-face meetings (when allowed), or visitng his favourite colleagues in Online Communications in the office.

We know that our Agronomy Managers might not be able to get out to see you at the moment, but they’ll still by your side during this time.

For more information on how to contact your local BASF Agronomy Manager, click here .