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Hardwick Demo Strip Trials

BASF invites you to join us for an evening at NIAB TAG to see its latest trials work on black-grass, with NIAB TAG and BASF staff on hand to answer your grass-weed questions.

Come and join us at:

National Black-grass Center, Hardwick, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, CB23 7QU

Monday 3rd June 4pm-7pm

Register here or RSVP to your local BASF Agronomy Manager to get your hands on a complimentary multi-tool.

What trials are there to see?

  • The new BASF herbicide LUXIMO™ in action against black-grass
  • Delayed drilling effects on black-grass control
  • Cultivation and establishment methods in spring barley vs. glyphosate
  • Black-grass management and winter bean rotation

Please join us for a local BBQ, refreshments and more…

  • The Black-grass bus is back! Hop on to get advice on battling black-grass
  • Get BASIS and NRoSO points
  • See the latest in closed-transfer technology with Scholle IPN’s ezi-connect system
  • Find out about the new digital tool xarvio™ field manager and scouting app