Luximo® provides a brand new mode of action in the fight against difficult to control grass weeds and offers a new backbone for winter wheat and spring barley herbicide programmes.

To be used as part of an IPM strategy, Luximo® sets a new standard for black-grass and ryegrass control, whilst delivering comparable levels of control against bromes as current, residual market standards.

Luximo® is available as Luxinum® Plus + Stomp® Aqua .

Luximo® webinar

In a recent webinar, we discussed how to get the most out of Luximo®, shared some of the latest black-grass and ryegrass trial results; and explored integrated weed management strategies to minimise seed return. Please find a recording of the webinar below.

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Luximo® - Spring Barley

The superior grassweed control from Luxinum® Plus applied pre-emergence is the best way of getting on top of any grassweed problems and ensuring your spring barley gets off to the best start.


Meet the growers

Introducing our LUXIMO® ON FARM growers – find out about their approach to grass weed control and how they got on with Luximo® in the series below.

Rob and his father farm a total of 260ha of land rented from the Crown’s Bingham Estate in Nottinghamshire. Soil types vary from gravel through to heavy loam.

Daniel King farms approximately 740ha of tenanted and contract farmed land in Bourne, South Lincolnshire.

David is a third-generation farmer. He went to Eastern Agricultural College to study agriculture for four years, including a gap year which he spent in the United States.

Nigel farms 1,100 acres in partnership with his brother Adrian near Doncaster in Yorkshire. Nigel is the agronomist and sprayer operator for the business, annually spraying 4,000 ha of mainly combinable crops with his 36 m Rogator sprayer.

Freya is responsible for over 1,600ha across North Bedfordshire and into South Cambridgeshire along with her son Joshua who has recently joined the partnership.

Ed and his brother, Charles, took over their parents’ 600ha farm in Essex nearly fifteen years ago and have recently taken on a further 500ha farm in Bedfordshire.

Tom Sewell farms 600ha near Maidstone in Kent and is probably best-known for his work on improving his farm’s soil health, having won Soil Farmer of the Year in 2021. The farm is no-till and he grows winter wheat alongside break-crops such as oilseed rape, winter beans, spring beans, spring linseed and spring oats.

Trial photos

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IPM Game Plan

Luximo® is a brand new mode of action to help the fight against black-grass and ryegrass but the cultural controls that the industry has been using up until now continue to be vital. It’s important that Luximo® is used as part of an integrated weed management programme. You can download our IPM Game Plan below.


Why Luximo®?

Luximo® offers growers the greatest efficacy in a winter wheat herbicide programme, and we recommend it as a replacement to flufenacet as the base of black-grass and ryegrass control programmes.

Luximo® (cinmethylin) has a completely new mode of action. It is classified by the Herbicide Resistance Action Committee (HRAC) as an inhibitor of fatty acid thioesterase (group 30).

Luximo® inhibits cell membrane production in the weed, meaning the weed can no longer grow.

In the field, root and shoot growth of sensitive plants is inhibited and often the weeds never emerge. Where they do merge, leaves show yellowing and discolouration, before the plant withers and dies.

This novel mode of action enables Luximo® to work against even resistant biotypes, making it possible to break the vicious cycle of black-grass reproduction.

Luximo® delivers superior performance to current market standards and is inherently stronger than flufenacet against black-grass.

Across 106 UK pre-emergence black-grass trials over four years, across different soil types and pressure, solo Luximo® gave an extra 22 percentage points of control over solo flufenacet.

Across 56 UK pre-emergence black-grass trials across three years, Luximo® plus pendimethalin and diflufenican outperformed Liberator (flufenacet + diflufenican) + aclonifen by an average of 12.5 percentage points in control.

Luximo® delivers superior performance to current market standards and is inherently stronger than flufenacet against ryegrass.

Across 17 UK pre-emergence ryegrass trials over four years, solo Luximo® gave an extra 29 percentage points of control over solo flufenacet.

Luximo® is primarily taken up by the roots of weeds and its ideal combination of chemical properties helps get it where it needs to be, and keep it there long enough to get the job done.

All soil residual herbicides require sufficient soil moisture to be activated. However, due to its chemical properties, Luximo® requires less moisture to ‘activate’ than flufenacet.

Whilst impossible to accurately predict since heavy dew can provide some moisture, as a rough guide, only 3mm of rainfall would be needed over a 5 day period to activate Luximo® whilst 7mm would be needed to activate flufenacet, providing a more reliable application.

Local comparison

To see how many days Luximo® would have had sufficient moisture to ‘activate’ compared to flufenacet for your location, over the last few years, please try out the interactive tool below.

Luximo® is manufactured from more than 50% sustainable materials, such as tree resin and by-products of paper manufacture, enabling increased yields in a more sustainable way.

Luximo® in the press

Find out what the press has to say about Luximo®.

Farmers Weekly, Oct 2023

How does Velcourt tackle blackgrass on its farms? Richard Allison looks at its new herbicide approach and how it fits in with a wider grassweed strategy.

CPM, Sep 2023

Changing the rotation on a Yorkshire farm has proven to be a solid base for getting blackgrass control back on track. CPM reports.

Arable Farming, Aug 2023

New chemistry benefits from judicious use as part of an IPM strategy, to maximise its performance in the short- and long-term. BASF advises that best practice is key to getting the best results from Luximo, the brand name for cinmethylin, its grassweed herbicide active. Martin Rickatson reports.

CPM, Aug 2023

Making small improvements is helping to keep a Norfolk farmer ahead of blackgrass. CPM learns more about his approach to grassweed control.

FW, Aug 2023

When BASF agronomy manager, Colin Mountford-Smith heard about the ryegrass challenge Rob and Peter Barlow were facing, he wanted to help.

A&AF, Aug 2023

‘Variable’ is the word NIAB Weed Biology and Management Specialist, John Cussans uses to describe grass weed control in 2022/23. But with six modes of action ready for deployment this autumn, and the option to plough there are ways to get back on track, he says.

CPM, Jul 2023

There’s no disguising the fact that grass weed control isn’t as good as it should be in some fields this summer. CPM attends a BASF briefing to hear why it’s been a difficult season and the lessons that can be drawn from it.

CPM, Jul 2023

Word in the field this season is grassweed pressure has caught some off-guard despite deploying a range of control methods. CPM draws on insight from growers to help unpick the reasons why and understand whether IPM is having a positive impact.

Farmers Weekly, June 2023

This season will be remembered as one where tackling blackgrass went into reverse. Richard Allison looks at why, and how to get back on top of the weed.

CPM, Oct 2022

A longer than usual period between harvest and drilling could encourage earlier drilling. CPM meets a grower keen to hold off.

A&AF, Sep 2022

Wherever black-grass is an issue, the new BASF herbicide, Luximo, is poised to radically change the look and feel of herbicide programmes. It’s available for the first time this autumn, and while many have seen it in trials, a number of farmers have had the chance to try it on their own farm.

CPM, Aug 2022

Successfully bringing blackgrass under control on one Essex farm is a mission Ed Ford is looking to repeat as the business expands into new territories with new grassweed challenges. CPM pays a visit to find out how he intends to go about it.

CPM, Aug 2022

Luxinum® Plus promises a significant step-up in grassweed control for UK growers who keep in place good herbicide stewardship programmes. CPM tells the story of how this new mode of action came to market.

Farmers Weekly, Aug 2022

Tom Sewell farms 1200 acres near Maidstone in Kent and is probably best-known for his work on improving his farm’s soil health, having won Soil Farmer of the Year in 2021. This year, however, blackgrass is competing for his attention.

CPM, Jul 2022

Profitability versus long term weed control was a challenge for those with blackgrass, and now a similar story is emerging with Italian ryegrass. CPM visits a farm in Staffordshire to find out how it became a problem.

CPM, Jul 2022

Last month BASF’s eagerly awaited blackgrass herbicide was officially launched to the industry. CPM was there to find out what to expect from the Luximo® chemistry.

Farmers Weekly, Jun 2022

The first new blackgrass herbicide for years is expected to improve control of the grassweed and help in the fight against herbicide-resistance. David Jones reports.

A&AF, Jun 2022

BASF has received approval in GB for its new active substance, Luximo®, and the product containing this active, Luxinum® Plus, providing a new mode of action against grassweeds and a vital tool for controlling black-grass and Italian ryegrass.

Arable Farming, May 2022

Although less widespread than blackgrass, the increasing threat of Italian ryegrass can be a severe problem on-farm. Peter Crowe reports.

CPM, Jan 2022

A promising new product with a new mode of action could be about to shake up the cereal herbicide market. CPM takes a first look.

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